What We Do

We create bespoke websites tailored to the customers needs. Whether you want a website which is for a small business, or an eCommerce website, you can rest assure that you will be treated no different! We are customer focused and want to provide a service which is not only affordable but also professional.

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Services We Provide

Web Design

Here at SleekyFish we are always trying to be one step ahead of the competition. By doing this we are able to implement fresh new custom layouts and make our sites responsive over all user devices! To create pixel perfect sites our web designers are capable of implementing custom coding such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript and PHP. We also include free domain registration in our prices and offer hosting packages to suite your needs.

Social Media

Maybe you are not up to scratch with the world of social media? Or maybe you just do not have the time? Well no need to worry! We have price plans available which include not only integrating social media sites into your personal web space, but also give you the option of allowing ourselves to create unique campaigns and provide the upkeep of them.

Logo and Branding

We have our own in house designers to allow us to provide the option for clients to create a new, fresh look to their businesses. Prices are very competitive, so get in contact!

The Build Process

  • Contact

    Get in contact by dropping us an email to retrieve a quotation on your web project.

  • Discussion

    We then target how you would like your web space to look so our designers can get a proper feel of the project.

  • Design

    Our designers will then produce art work to allow the client to view the possible look of their web site before it is live. This also allows the customer to edit out things they may not want and create 100% satisfaction with the end look.

  • Build & Launch

    After the design process has been passed by yourself, we then produce the website. Included in this is the web domain set up and purchase, free of charge if you have not already got one. We can also create a hosting package if you do not already have one in mind for addition costs.

  • Support

    If you do not have the time or do not want the hassle of looking after and updating the site, we offer an option to let us do it for you. Just let us know and we can create a package to cater.

Logo Design

  • 100% Guarentee
  • Multiple Designs
  • Designated Designer
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Social Media

  • Daily monitoring
  • Ad campaign for the website
  • Support
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